project 1

Mapping Black Women's Grassroots Health Activism in Chicago, 1930-1980: A Story Map

This digital story map on Black women's grassroots health activism in Chicago will tell the first ever account of Black women's public health activism in response to the violent and lethal effects of restrictive covenants. This map is currently under development, but will be located and updated here.

project 2

Mapping Early Black Purdue Student Experiences with Housing Segregation, 1890-1960

During my Master's program in 2011 and while taking an Archival Theory course designed to document the local history of the surrounding Purdue City of West Lafayette, I decided to design an archival project identifying where Black students lived before integration. Since Purdue kept no formal record regarding the race of students during my projects timeframe of 1890-1955, I have performed oral interviews, drawn upon archival research by examining issues of The Debris (Purdue's annual yearbook) to identify Black Purdue students, and cross-referenced these names with their local addresses found in the Purdue Telephone Directory. Using geospatial technology, I created an interactive digital map visually documenting early Black Purdue student experiences with housing segregation from 1890-1960.

This map also tells the first ever story of West Lafayette's history as a sundown town, the impact of the prevalence of early minstrel shows on Purdue's campus, as well as the eradication of a once vibrant Black community in the neighboring city of Lafayette. This project will exist on Purdue’s African American Studies website and will also become a part of Purdue’s permanent archival collection. You can check the database of students here: Early African American Local Housing Database, or you can read my Story Map which narrates Black Purdue students experiences with housing segregation here: Tracing Early Black Purdue Student Experiences with Housing Segregation: A Story Map.

Historic Black Vacation Resorts: A Mapping Project

I am currently collaborating with Purdue Professor and Director of African American Studies, Ronald Stephens, on a digital project mapping historic Black vacation beach resorts. A preliminary map can be found here.

Project 3

project 4


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